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Join our Masterclass on the future of fashion

Updated: Mar 12

Fusing Fashion Heritage and Digital Tools, March 18th @ 6pm CET

Mark your calendar for an iLA exclusive: our FREE online Masterclass on Fusing Fashion Heritage and Digital Tools, March 18th @ 6pm CET. A must for all fashion lovers eager to stay ahead of the industry curve, this will be an unmissable learning experience - whether you’re carving out a career in fashion or just starting out.

In this 30-minute live-streamed session, we’ll deep dive into how the past and future must combine to drive innovation in the industry. From virtual worlds to digital illustration, we’ll look at just how fashion must adapt to thrive, embracing digital tools without foregoing its unique heritage.

Hosted by iLA founder Ivana Conte, we’ll explore the fusion of tradition and technology in fashion, and how this relates to iLA’s training programme for new talents. You’ll uncover new trends and essential skills vital for success in today's dynamic fashion landscape.

We are excited to be joined by three guest speakers: experts in the fields of fashion and members of iLA’s Academic Board. They’ll each present topics packed with actionable insights and thought-provoking ideas.

Digital Production House Just Why, with its team will explore the topic “Communicating Fashion & Luxury Heritage”, explaining how brands can amplify their rich heritage with new digital tools and virtual worlds. 

Patrick Morgan, Founder of FIDA - the world’s first online platform to promote fashion illustration - will explore “Fashion Illustration as a Language for Communication”. Here, you’ll discover how this heritage art form can be a powerful force in the future of fashion.

Salome Wilson, Senior Menswear Outerwear Designer of Tommy Hilfiger and Founder of ethical outdoor brand Agogic will discuss “Textile, Crafts and Innovation”. Drawing from her extensive experience in product design, she will uncover how traditional techniques can go hand-in-hand with cutting-edge innovation to shape the future of fashion.

Register now to secure your spot for this exclusive FREE event 

WHEN? March 18, 6pm CET

WHERE? Online

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