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9 Surprising Skills You Need to Make it in Fashion

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Believe it or not, the fashion system is facing a critical moment - the industry is experiencing a shortage of talent, as key skills are being overlooked by conventional graduate courses. That’s where iLA comes in with its dynamic, blended programs designed to fill that skills gap.

Whether you're a budding designer, a marketing maven, or destined to launch the next big luxury brand, our courses will empower you with the skills needed to thrive.

Intrigued? Read on to discover the surprising skills needed to make it in today’s fashion world.

1. Back to Basics Craft The art of pattern cutting, hand-embroidery and leatherwork are often neglected by mainstream fashion courses. At iLA we want to bring back the passion for craft, teaching the skills that Made in Italy brands need to stay at the top of their luxury game. Join us to transform your design concepts into stunning, wearable creations.

2. A.I Mastery We know we just said craft, but digital craftsmanship is just as important. As the future of fashion merges with A.I, our courses ensure you stay ahead of the game - mastering the latest design software, digital prototypes and illustrations. Avatars at the ready!

3. Creative Magic With all that talk of A.I, true creativity will be the number one skill of the future. With us, you will hone that precious skill, boost your creative problem solving and challenge the status quo.

4. Future Gazing It's no longer enough to stay on top of trends, the fashion industry needs true future visionaries who base their predictions on data as well as intuition. Crystal balls not included.

5. Planet-first Thinking Sustainability is no longer a ‘nice to have’. Brands expect their graduates to be ready to lead the change. With us, you’ll master eco-conscious design, and leave with all the skills needed to make a positive impact.

6. Power Networking We’re much more than an academy, we’re a network of visionary brands. We will give you access to this global creative community. Whether its collaborations or work placements, our network will be your launch pad.

7. Fashion Entrepreneurship Gear up to business success in the fashion industry. From marketing and branding to running a flourishing fashion enterprise – we've got you covered.

8. Digital Marketing In today’s connected world, creatives need to be content creators. With us, you’ll master the art of promoting your brand in the digital age. From social media strategies to e-commerce optimisation, you’ll navigate the art of shareable content.

9. Positive Growth Mindset The industry needs a new outlook, one that promotes positive thinking, mindfulness and self-care. With us you will be empowered to see your career in a holistic way and lead the change for a fresh way of working.

At iLA, we're all about empowering aspiring fashion professionals. Ready to step into the future? Explore our Post Graduate Courses and unlock your potential – your journey to becoming a fashion trailblazer starts here!

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