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Our Team

Our academic team is made up of top level luxury and fashion professionals, creative directors, and industry experts. They have not only excelled in their fields but also bring their extensive teaching experience to elevate your learning. 


We select a deliberately diverse team from backgrounds and sectors that you might not expect. Our academics include leaders in Product Innovation and Sustainability, or specialists bridging the worlds of Digital Art, Science and Image making. We also bring in experts in Personal Growth & Mindfulness, Tech Start-ups, Finance, Marketing, Omnichannel Communication and Digital Transformation.


Together, our team's varying perspectives enrich our approach. More than solely educators; we're nurturing the next generation of fashion and luxury professionals and leaders, providing an holistic and innovative learning experience that extends beyond the ordinary.


Ivana Conte

Creative & Academic Director 

Ivana’s 25 years of international experience paved the way for setting up the academy, with a vision to change the future of fashion education. 

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