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Join us on your learning journey in postgraduate fashion and luxury skills and crafts, developed and delivered by the industry’s best.


Our courses and placements will supercharge your career. Through our digital platform, you will have access to mentorship programmes as well as physical internships.


We bridge the gap between education and employers, empowering you - the next generation - to stay ahead of innovations, trends, and technologies.


Boost your career in fashion & luxury with our specialist training for graduates and professionals. 


A digital platform:


Create your own educational plan of online lessons with flexible hours, following an individual assessment to analyse your skills and goals.

Workshops & Mentorship:


With highly experienced tutors and industry professionals

Work Placements:


Learn first-hand within a leading company, following the completion of our digital & mentorship training.

Holistic, flexible, global

A new approach to learning

Say goodbye to traditional learning methods, and welcome our revolutionary approach.


Along with ‘hard’ skills such as pattern cutting, we teach ‘soft’ skills in personal growth, positive work culture and critical thinking. Empowering you to make a difference in your career. 


Experience the freedom of a flexible learning journey. Where you set the pace, anywhere in the world, at any time.


Much more than an academy, we are a Platform for Learning and Connecting,

and a vibrant creative community. Join us to connect with like-minded individuals and brands who are leading the pace of change. 


Join our community and take the first step towards a brighter future in fashion and luxury.

Reshaping the Industry

At our core, we're on a mission to re-invigorate the industry through education. Made in Italy and the global luxury industry are facing a critical shortage of skills.

With us, you will lead the design change, joining a new generation of designers and professionals who combine a passion for craft with digital prowess.


Our courses promote leaner, sustainable practices, paving the way for a future-proofed fashion industry.


Want to create a positive impact and lead the change?

Why Choose iLA?

With us, you will discover:

Industry experts and educators


Our courses are designed and delivered by industry professionals who are also expert educators.


They bring their Made in Italy knowledge and network to our community. 

Flexible, global learning


Create your bespoke learning journey via our international platform.


Set your own pace, and learn from anywhere in the world. 

Industry network


Access work experience within fashion houses in Italy and beyond.


Connect with innovative brands and industry leaders, via our extensive network. 

Teaching that inspires

Love how you learn with lessons that combine the latest technologies with dynamic teaching methods.


Learn 'soft' skills in personal growth and positive work culture, alongside conventional skills. Empowering you to make a difference. 

A mission for change


Be part of our vision to re-energise the industry and shift towards sustainable practices.


We fulfill a need for lifelong learning as the pace of change quickens at lightening speed. 

Exceptional Outcomes


Join us to accelerate and empower your career, gain access to valuable skills, and succeed in a fast-changing and competitive market.

Our Team

  • Academics who are both industry leaders and education experts
  • A global network of partners for you to connect directly with brands


Our academic team is made up of top-level industry professionals. They excel in their fields, but also bring extensive teaching experience to elevate your learning. 

They bring backgrounds and experience that you might not expect. Leaders in Product Innovation and Sustainability, specialists bridging the worlds of Digital Art, Science and Image making, Experts in Personal Growth & Mindfulness, Tech Start-ups, Finance for Fashion, Marketing, Omnichannel Communication and Digital Transformation.

Together, our team's varying perspectives enrich our approach to extend beyond the ordinary.

Fashion Design Development & Management

About the Course

This postgraduate course will provide you with the key skills to creatively develop, produce and manage a luxury fashion collection. Our dynamic, tech-powered learning approach will empower you to meet the demands of tomorrow head-on.

Prepare to push the boundaries of fashion design, development, and management, as we challenge you to think beyond conventional norms. With our interdisciplinary teaching spanning art, fashion and technology, you will adopt a holistic approach needed for the next generation of fashion innovators. With direct industry exposure, you'll forge invaluable connections, setting you up for success in the luxury fashion sector.

Experience flexible learning with our dynamic, digital lessons that allow you to complete the modules at your own pace. As you progress through the course, you'll enter our coveted Mentorship Program, where top industry professionals will support a final project exploring sustainability and other critical issues, helping you establish your own unique fashion identity. On completing the course's first two stages, you'll gain access to invaluable hands-on work experience within fashion companies, opening doors to exciting career prospects.

Specialise in one of three pathways: Womenswear & Menswear; Knitwear for Fashion; Accessories & Shoe Design. Whichever path you choose, you'll be immersed in an environment that nurtures creativity, fosters personal and professional growth, and develops the skills needed for high level employment in the fashion industry.

Course Structure

Stage 1: Digital Content. Dynamic teaching from top industry professionals, created around the demands of the industry to boost your skills and maximise employability. 

Stage 2: Mentorship Program. Industry professionals will be your mentors via project-based teaching to develop your creative ideas, originality, critical thinking and technical skills. You will learn to synthesise design and communication, enabling you to interact effectively with your colleagues and the wider industry. This stage should be completed in person if possible in either London or Rome (location TBC). 

Stage 3: Internship Acceleration. Work placements in the UK or Italy will follow a selection process based on final project results. If you cannot attend in person, we can provide remote placements or you can choose to enter our Boot Camp Accelerator to devleop a business from an initial idea.

Course Topics

Creative research techniques
Fashion product design
Creativity and product innovation

Cultural context in fashion, art & design

The artisanship of fashion
Digital design
AI in design
Fashion illustration and presentation techniques
Textiles, new materials and technologies in design
The future of fashion
The circular supply chain
The fashion eco-system

Sustainable design process and supply chain
Digital Pattern cutting, garment making & production planning

Future branding and innovation management
Fashion production strategies
Communication, time management, leadership
Personal growth and self empowerment for creatives
Unlock creativity

Possible Career paths

Fashion Designer
Product Manager

Creative Director
Digital Fashion Illustrator
Digital Pattern Cutter
Fashion Consultant
Trend Researcher/Forecaster
Garment Technologist
R&D Manager
Range Planner
Supply Manager

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Interpret culture, technology and digital crafts applied to original research and fashion range plan relevant to luxury market.

  • Communicate complex design through innovative thinking and critical synthesis of theoretical and practical approaches creatively using CAD software.


  • Evaluate use of appropriate construction ideas following contemporary aestetiques to a fashion industry audience, creatively using CAD software.


  • Develop and manage new and existing opportunities, products and markets within the context of sustainable and ethical business practice.


  • Demonstrate creative and problem solving ability to professionally coordinate a sustainable design process and supply chain applying initiative and personal responsibility.


  • Identify the critical factors and decision-making in complex and unpredictable situations when developing and producing sustainable luxury product.


  • Identify own strengths and limitations and utilise appropriate methodology to build relevant networks for collaborative work with self-efficacy in positive professional environment.


The Admissions team considers the following factors for applicant suitability:
° Undergraduate qualifications (university degree or equivalent) or relevant industry experience
° A personal statement
° A portfolio of work
° A good knowledge of the English language (level b2 of Common European Framework or equivalent to IELTS 5.5)
° Italian language is recommended for an internship in Italy

The Admission Manager coordinates and supports the subject specific Course Leader and the Academic Director in dealing with interviews and portfolio assessments (where appropriate).
Admission requirements are subject to change to comply with entry requirement regulations


Elevate your career, learn from the best, join our community. Take the leap to a brighter future in fashion and luxury. 

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