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A.I - The Future of Fashion Education?

How Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Worlds can transform how we teach fashion

The Fabricant

We were honoured to have legendary Italian fashion designer Ermanno Scervino at our International Luxury Academy launch event in Rome. He had plenty to say on the impact of Artificial Intelligence in fashion:

“Artificial intelligence makes us see further. I am absolutely in favour of its use. It is also a help from a creative point of view… Because I am convinced that without creativity and above all, without manual skill which is craftsmanship, you won't go anywhere. But school children must learn to do things with their hands. Craftsmanship is important.”

We couldn’t agree more.

At iLA we believe in harnessing the power of A.I without forgetting the precious craft, skill and the human factor at the core of luxury fashion. The future of fashion education combines digital and heritage. Here, we sum up the benefits A.I innovation brings if harnessed in a conscious, human-centric way. 

Ermanno Scervino at the launch of iLA

1. Virtual Learning

Imagine a world where you can step out of a classroom and into a cutting room without leaving your chair. With the power of A.I, the creative process can be experienced virtually, allowing for total freedom of expression and creativity. With A.I, you can create endless design variations, allowing you to refine your ideas quickly. 

2. Virtual Showcases

Virtual Fashion Shows give students ultra-realistic and immersive experiences without the cost and challenges of putting on a physical show. These virtual environments allow students to showcase their work to a global audience, receive instant feedback, and make necessary adjustments in real-time.


3. AI as Teacher?

This is not about replacing the human being who is your tutor. This is about enhancing the learning experience beyond your wildest imagination. A.I can assess your work and suggest innovative new design elements or techniques. Virtual classrooms and studios allow for real-time collaboration online. 

4. Personalised Learning

A.I can help customise your learning journey to your specific needs and skills. Using vast analytical tools, it can assess and monitor your progress and weaknesses, adjusting the pace as necessary. It can also match your skills with potential career paths and brands. A tailored learning experience means you get the best from a course and can reach your full potential.

5. More AI, less waste

A.I is critical to a sustainable fashion education sector. Virtual fitting, sampling and pattern-cutting innovations significantly reduce fabric waste and the pressure on our planet’s resources. A.I helps students adopt more sustainable design practices, suggesting alternative eco-materials and prompting you to use more environmentally responsible practices. 


Artificial Intelligence can vastly improve fashion education and your experience as a student. It helps students keep pace with an industry that moves at lightning speed, and adopting these amazing new technologies is vital. 

But in the words of Scervinno, we also must learn to do things with our hands. At iLA, we believe in the power of a dual approach. Integrating A.I and tech into our teaching while always prioritising the human skill and craft at the core of fashion. Find out more about our life-changing courses here

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