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Our Mission 

With a mission to inspire, educate and communicate, we lead the design change and the future of higher education with a new holistic approach.

We aim to:

  • Tackle a skills gap. ILA was created to meet a social need, addressing a critical skills gap in the luxury industry. Our aim is to support a shift towards an industry that will ultimately thrive.

  • Create a global community. We welcome international talents to join our global education community, where they can tailor their learning journey but also connect with others. 

  • Reshape the industry. We aim to disrupt an outdated, dysfunctional fashion system. Our courses go beyond conventional teaching, helping a new generation to take a more collective, holistic approach. 

  • Seek out talent. With our global creative network, we scout the next generation of talents, upskilling them to meet Made in Italy needs.

  • Enrich company culture. With our international, forward-thinking trainees, brands can ensure their workforce is diverse and dynamic.

  • Generate Positive Impact. Our courses promote sustainable, leaner practices that value the product and the craft. We teach ‘soft’ skills such as personal growth mindset training, with an aim to create a more positive work culture within the industry.

  • Inspire Lifelong Learning. Employees and managers can keep the pace with the industry evolution and new technologies, with our dynamic training programs. 

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