About ILA

A part of Style Image Pvt. Ltd., which runs the ISOE Finishing Academy and Image Consultant Style Academy, the International Luxury Academy brings together some of the best minds in the industry to offer its students Advanced and Professional Diploma Courses in Fashion and Luxury Brand Management.

Instituted on the principles of knowledge excellence, practical real life learning, personality enhancement and meaningful industry interaction, the International Luxury Academy equips its students with insightful and in-depth knowledge of the fashion and luxury industry. ILA Diploma holders transform into confident and suave experts on all things luxury and fashion.

With Ms. Monica Garg, who has been trained in Luxury Brand Management in London and who is an internationally renowned Certified Master Image Expert from New York, at the helm, ILA is poised to transform aspiring fashion and luxury professionals into world-class performers who will excel in large multinational luxury companies and in the social and professional realm.

ILA aims to nurture future leaders and experts who will seamlessly integrate social and cultural insights and learnings into every kind of business scenario.

The ILA courses prepare you for life at the top.

What is the fashion and luxury scene like today?

Today, the world over, especially in emerging economies, luxury is gaining in size and importance as an industry. A recent Business Insider article states that the Indian luxury market will grow at 25% till 2015 and an AT Kearney Report, has declared that the luxury goods market in India, is set to touch US$ 14.72 billion by 2015. Last year itself, India was an US$ 8.5 billion market for global luxury brands.

Globally, the number of luxury consumers has more than tripled in less than 20 years, to at least 330 million people. And roughly 130 million of these consumers are from emerging markets. Worldwide there is a huge demand for luxury goods like champagne, designer shoes, yachts and watches. Naturally the demand for trained professionals to work in these industries has also increased.

Today, with a vibrant economy, a growing list of billionaires and millionaires, the importance and demand of global luxury brands is on the rise. As some of the biggest names in the luxury industry expand their footprint in India, the potential is literally limitless.

What are the opportunities after the fashion and luxury brand management course?

This course will open the doors wide for you in the rising fashion, luxury and retail sectors. As a trained professional from ILA, you will be able to work in companies, consulting firms and for various industries in fashion, luxury and lifestyle. The knowledge and hands on job experience that you will gain at ILA will enable you to creatively deliver solutions in the field of brand management, marketing, communication, event planning,retail, visual merchandising, e-commerce etc. Today, a luxury and fashion brand manager is sought-after even in exclusive international fashion houses. Trained managers are able to work out creative solutions to better manage a brand, and also search for and identify new trends. ILA diploma holders can aspire to be Luxury Shopping Consultants, Luxury Buyers, Luxury Goods Sourcing Specialists, Luxury Store Managers and Luxury Brand Service Executives There are also immense entrepreneurial opportunities in this field.

How will luxury be redefined for me?

This course aims to make you an expert in the field of luxury and fashion. And once you become that, the high life will come automatically to you. During the course of your studies, you will be introduced to the latest theories and their practical applications in fashion and luxury brand management. Not just your knowledge but your personality and creative skills will also be honed.

Today, luxury brands and fashion houses need business understanding and creative talent. You will not only learn about the heritage behind the most iconic luxury brands, but also have first-hand experience of the finest in luxury and lifestyle. The course will give you insights on the inner workings of the luxury brands, and give you a peek into universe of luxury which is steeped in heritage, craftsmanship, aesthetics and social distinction.

The in-depth understanding that you will gain about fashion, design and the luxury business will make you stand out in this highly competitive and prestigious field. Finally, equipped with knowledge, confidence and skills, you will be poised to succeed professionally, personally and socially, and rise above all expectations.